Consumer-Focused Strategy

Chick-fil-A has an integrated consumer-focused strategy that relies heavily on great tasting, high-quality products, and a family-friendly, values-centered environment.

The brand integrates its customer communication whenever possible. From the Chick-fil-A One app, which tracks purchase activity and puts feedback at your fingertips, to receipt surveys and a very active social media presence, Chick-fil-A is in touch with its customers on multiple channels. But all of their outreach isn’t through the point of sale or technology. Operators are often on site, and if not behind the counter serving customers, will walk around and check on patrons. Regardless of method, Chick-fil-A is quick to respond to customer satisfaction stories and complaints, not by some autonomous staffer in a corporate office, but often by the operator at your local store. And customer interactions with the operators aren’t limited to the store. It is quite likely that they are at your church, on the ball field or involved in local civic activities.

That close connection with its patrons helps Chick-fil-A operators, and the corporate office behind them, understand their customers. They personally respond to feedback, try new recipes in various test markets, and stay closely linked to the issues that mean the most to their target consumers.

Without fail, they always treat their customers well. “My pleasure” isn’t just an automated phrase, it appears to be a heartfelt response to any customer thanks. Employees appear to enjoy their job and value the opportunity to serve others. That positive treatment of its customer base, wherever they interact with the brand, goes a long way to support the family-friendly, values-centered store image of this fast food service chain.

And because of the quality food and high-quality interactions I have always had with the company, I am a brand evangelist. I believe in the product, am willing to spend my family’s time and treasure in their restaurants, and will recommend them to others. I am just one of their raving fans.